2020 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual

2020 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual
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VW ID.4 is a new electric vehicles from German manufacturer and also is the first mass-produced electric car. There is also smallest model ID.3 and biggest and most powerful model ID.5.

In this owner’s manual

– The Driver Alert System informs the driver if their driving shows signs of tired

– In conjunction with the seat belts, the front airbag system gives the front occupants additional protection for the head and chest in the event of a severe frontal collision. The curtain airbags on both sides are also triggered in the event of certain types of frontal collision.

– Depending on the vehicle equipment, the first-aid kit may be located in a stowage compartment or a holder in the luggage compartment, under the luggage compartment floor or in the vehicle interior.

– The anti-theft alarm is automatically activated when the vehi cle is locked. If the vehicle is not opened electronically with a valid vehicle key, the anti-theft alarm is triggered and emits acoustic and visual warning signals.

– The exterior mirror functions for left-hand drive vehicles are described below. Position corresponds to the exterior mirror on the driver side and position to the exterior mirror on the front passenger side.

– Within the system limits, the lane keeping system (Lane Assist) helps the driver to stay in lane. The function is not designed to keep the vehicle in lane auto matically…

– Control units for data transmission, interfaces, and media and diagnostic connections are connectivity components, via which information and data can be exchanged between the vehicle and external devices or the Internet.

– Be prepared to control the speed yourself at all times. Malfunctions in the Dynamic Road Sign Display function and out-of-date navigation data can lead to the speed being changed unexpectedly and suddenly or not being adapted to the current traffic situation.

– The Area View functions and displays may differ depending on the vehicle equipment, for example, if Park Distance Control is available and is also displayed.

– Road navigation is subject to continuous changes, e.g. new roads, road works, road closures, changes in the road names and house numbers. In the case of obsolete navigation data, there may be errors or inaccuracies during navigation

– An individual user profile is automatically created for every paired mobile device. Data from the mobile device are stored in the user
profile, e.g. contact details. A maximum of ten user profiles can be stored in the Infotainment system simultaneous

– The 12-volt vehicle battery is a component of the electrical system and in event of the high-voltage system failing, supplies the
safety-relevant systems of the vehicle with energy. In the scope of maintenance work, the 12-volt vehicle battery is checked and where required, replaced.

2020 Volkswagen ID.4 Specification

The 2020 Volkswagen ID.4 is an all-electric compact SUV that represents Volkswagen’s entry into the electric vehicle market. With cutting-edge technology, impressive range, and spacious interior, it aims to provide a sustainable and practical transportation solution.

Make and Model:

2020 Volkswagen ID.4

Year of Manufacture:


Body Style:

Compact SUV

Electric Motor:

– Single electric motor configuration
– Rear-wheel drive (available all-wheel drive in some markets)

Battery Capacity:

– Standard Battery: 62 kWh
– Long Range Battery: 82 kWh


– Standard Battery: Approximately 402 km (250 miles)
– Long Range Battery: Approximately 515 km (320 miles)


– Level 1 (120V): Approximately 62 hours (0-100%)
– Level 2 (240V): Approximately 10 hours (0-100%)
– DC Fast Charging: Approximately 38 minutes to reach 80% charge

Acceleration (0-60 mph):

Approximately 7.0 seconds

Seating Capacity:

Typically seats 5 passengers.

Interior Features:

Interior features include a touchscreen infotainment system, advanced driver assistance systems, spacious cargo area, and more.

Exterior Features:

Modern and aerodynamic design, LED headlights, and optional panoramic sunroof.

Safety Features:

Advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and more.

Tire Sizes:

Tire sizes typically range from 45.72 cm to 50.80 cm (18 inches to 20 inches).

Trim Levels:

The 2020 Volkswagen ID.4 is available in various trim levels, including but not limited to:
– Base Model
– Pro
– Pro S
– And others, each offering different features and options.

Price Range:

The price of a 2020 Volkswagen ID.4 varies based on trim level, options, and location.