2021 Volkswagen Transporter Owner's Manual

2021 Volkswagen Transporter Owner's Manual
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VW Transporter T5
VW Transporter T5
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VW Transporter T6
2023 Volkswagen Transporter
2023 Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter 2021 is a good option for both work and transportation of goods, as well as for family trips. The closest competitors of the model are the following cars: Peugeot Traveler, Opel Zafira Life, Volkswagen Caravelle.


Volkswagen Transporter 2021 is available with the following types of engines:

• 90 horsepower;
• 110 horsepower;
• 150 horsepower;
• 199 horsepower.

All these engines are represented by a 2-liter diesel unit. Motors work in tandem with different gearboxes:
• 5-speed manual;
• 6-speed manual;
• 7-band automatic.

Almost all options are offered exclusively with front-wheel drive. Complete sets with a stronger engine can be equipped for an additional fee with a coupling for connecting the rear axle.

In the 2021 Volkswagen Transporter owner’s manual you’ll find

– Using unsuitable or repaired fuses and bridging an electrical circuit without fuses can cause a fire and serious injuries.

– When shifting down a gear manually, thegearbox will not change gear until the engine can no longer be overrevved

– Switch the windscreen and rear window heating off as soon as the windows have defogged and are clear of ice

– When approaching protruding objects. Such objects can leave the camera’s field of vision while you are reversing.

– If a system fault is detected while the ignition is switched on , the yellow Indicator lamp flashes for around one minute and then lights up steadily. A text notification m ay also be displayed.

– Check and correct the settings as necessary once the vehicle battery has been sufficiently charged .

– Not flashing, lamps not lit up. The auxiliary air heater cannot be controlled using the radio remote control

– Drive the vehicle for a sufficient length of time to recharge the additional battery.

– Fuels can pollute the environment. Any spilt service fluids must be cleaned up and disposed of properly

– Engine oil can Ignite if it comes into contact with hot engine components. lt can cause fires, burns and other serious Injurie

– After the engine has cooled down, check the coolant level and refill engine coolant if the level is too low

– Unlock the vehicle before disconnecting the battery in order to avoid triggering the alarm

– Damaged or worn tyres must be replaced immediately

– If the tyre pressure is too low or too high , the tyres will wear prematurely and the vehicle will not handle well

– The tyre pressure of the spare wheel should be checked together with the normal tyres, at least once a month. The spare wheel should have the highest pressure allowed for the vehicle

– The load capacity index i nd icates how many kilograms can be loaded onto an individual tyre (tyre load)

– Switch off the rain se nsor before driving the vehicle Into an automatic car wash.

– Depending on the condition of the brushes and car wash, fine scratches may appear In the decorative film

– Vehicle cannot be locked or unlocked with the remote control – Move closer to the vehicle – Located too far away from the vehicle key