2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Owner's Manual
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The all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 crossover was introduced in 2020. This is a car that adheres to the basic principles of the brand – style, reliability and good equipment. Outwardly, this car cannot be confused with any other. Volkswagen style is recognizable throughout, including the taillights and grille.

Main features of Volkswagen ID.4 2022

The appearance of the crossover will appeal to most motorists. It has the following features:

• Diode optics front and rear. For an additional fee, you can order a matrix front light. The rear lights are combined with an LED strip.
• The hood is concave and overall the bodywork is very sleek and aerodynamic.
• So that the owner does not forget that he still has a crossover in front of him, there are plastic inserts in a circle.
In addition to the appearance and attractive style, the Volkswagen ID.4 2022 has other features:
• The interior has a 10″ or 12″ monitor (depending on configuration) that is turned towards the driver.
• The rear row optionally has its own climate control.
• There is enough space in the cabin for a comfortable ride even for tall people.
• New 3-spoke steering wheel allows you to control the main systems without taking your eyes off the road.
• There is an additional projection screen with augmented reality.

2022 Volkswagen ID.4: An All-Electric Compact SUV


  • Dimensions:
    • Length: Approximately 180.5 inches (4.59 meters)
    • Width: Approximately 72.9 inches (1.85 meters)
    • Height: Approximately 64.4 inches (1.64 meters)
    • Wheelbase: Approximately 108.9 inches (2.77 meters)
  • Powertrain:
    • Electric motor (Rear-wheel drive or All-wheel drive options)
    • Battery capacity: Approximately 82 kWh
    • Range: Up to approximately 260 miles (EPA estimated)
    • Charging: Fast charging capability (DC fast charging)
  • Performance:
    • Horsepower: Approximately 201 HP (Rear-wheel drive) or 295 HP (All-wheel drive)
    • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in around 7.6 seconds (Rear-wheel drive)


  • Interior:
    • Spacious and modern cabin design
    • Advanced infotainment system with large touchscreen
    • Comfortable seating and ample cargo space
    • Available panoramic glass roof
  • Technology:
    • VW’s MEB platform for electric vehicles
    • Driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist
    • Enhanced connectivity with smartphone integration
    • Over-the-air software updates
  • Sustainability:
    • Zero-emission electric vehicle
    • Use of sustainable materials in the interior
    • Promotes eco-friendly transportation


Main Competitors:

  • Tesla Model Y: A popular electric SUV known for its range and performance.
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E: Ford’s electric SUV offering with various powertrains.
  • Nissan Ariya: Nissan’s electric SUV with a stylish design and advanced features.
  • Hyundai Kona Electric: A compact electric SUV with a competitive price point.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the driving range of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4?

The 2022 ID.4 offers an estimated driving range of up to approximately 260 miles on a single charge, according to EPA estimates.

2. What type of charging does the ID.4 support?

The ID.4 supports DC fast charging, allowing for quicker charging times at compatible charging stations. It can also be charged using standard home chargers.

3. What are the different trim levels available for the 2022 ID.4?

The 2022 ID.4 is available in multiple trim levels, with varying features and options, such as the Pro, Pro S, and Pro S with AWD. Each trim level offers different levels of equipment and performance.