2022 Volkswagen Up! GTI Owner's Manual

2022 Volkswagen Up! GTI Owner's Manual
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Volkswagen Up! 2016-2021
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Volkswagen Up! 2011-2016

For the Volkswagen Up! wwo motors are provided, depending on the configuration. It could be a 1.0-liter naturally aspirated 3-cylinder engine with 60 horsepower under the hood. The car feels great on city streets, although it will have to work on expressways. The sporty GTI is equipped with a turbocharged engine with a power of 115 hp. In addition, you can pay attention to the electric UP.


Salon 2022 Volkswagen Up! GTI quite restrained, but looks stylish and modern. There are no additional niches for trinkets, as in other VW models. Comfort is provided by the air conditioning system. Options include DAB digital radio, electric windows, remote closing. The audio system is represented by 6 speakers.

Additionally, there is an application for a smartphone that can be used as an additional touch screen. The panel has a special support for placing the phone and a USB port for charging.

The basic configuration includes a stabilization system and the option of assistance when driving from a standstill.

In this manual

– When adjusting for shorter people, push the head restraint to the first position, even if the head is then located underneath the top edge of the head restraint

– Push the head restraint to the first position, even if the head is then located underneath the top edge of the head restraint. There may be a small gap between the head restraint and backrest in the lowest position.

– In icy conditions, always check that the wiper blades are not frozen to the glass before using the wipers. When parking the vehicle in cold weather, it may be helpful to leave the front windscreen wipers in the service position

– Lift up the luggage compartment cover and push into the side holders ⇒ Fig. 73① . When doing this ensure that the luggage compartment cover is correctly secured in position.

– However, if you are using a carrier system with a lower weight rating, you will not be able to carry the maximum roof load. In this case, do not exceed the maximum weight limit for the load carrier system which is listed in the fitting instructions

– To prevent damage due to voltage fluctuation, switch off any connected devices before switching the ignition or engine on or off.

– Serious damage to the clutch and gearbox can occur if the gear stick on the manual gearbox is shifted to too low a gear when travelling at high speeds or at high revs. This also applies if the clutch remains depressed and the gears do not engage

– The EDL is available for normal driving on straight roads. EDL brakes the wheel that has lost traction and distributes the driving force to the other drive wheel. To prevent the disc brake of the braked wheel from overheating, the EDL cuts out automatically if subjected to excessive loads. The EDL will switch on again automatically when the brake has cooled down.

– Unusual noises may be heard if the city emergency brake function is applying an automatic braking procedure. This is normal and the noises are caused by the braking system

– Repairs to the air conditioning system require specialist knowledge and special tools. Volkswagen recommends using a Volkswagen dealership for this purpose.

– Filling the tank with diesel in a vehicle with a petrol engine can cause serious and expensive engine damage and cause damage to the fuel system that is not covered by any Volkswagen guarantee.

– The engine compartment of a motor vehicle is a hazardous area. Never carry out any work on the engine or in the engine compartment if you are not familiar with the requisite procedures and general safety requirements, or if you only have access to incorrect operating equipment, service fluids, and unsuitable tools

– The use of engine oils compliant with the VW 504 00 requires a fuel quality compliant with EN 228 (petrol) or fuel of and equivalent quality. Engine oils compliant with VW 504 00 are therefore unsuitable for use in a large number of markets.

– Regular and expert care helps to maintain the value of the vehicle. Proper maintenance may also be one of the requirements for the approval of warranty claims in the event of corrosion or paint defects

– Rims may have removable trims that are attached to the rim with self-locking bolts. Damaged trims
may only be repaired by a qualified workshop. Volkswagen recommends using a Volkswagen
dealership for this purpose