Atlas Owner's Manuals

The model of the German automobile company Volkswagen with the beautiful, elegant name Atlas is not at all compatible with its well-deserved title of the most massive SUV. It can be said that there is even some charm in this contradiction. Also, like the Golf plus, this car is perfect not only for delivering a large amount of cargo, but also for a pleasant family trip to the countryside. The following paint colors will be available to the future owner: classic black, white, metallic red, metallic blue, metallic gray and others.
Among other Atlas chips, I would like to highlight its readiness for unforeseen incidents on the road: the cabin is equipped with an audible pedestrian warning function. If suddenly the driver could not stop in time or reduce the driving speed, the car will do it itself. The roof of the vehicle is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, which gives passengers a wonderful opportunity to cope with the heat during a long journey and enjoy fresh air. The comfort of customers was clearly in the first place for the developers, because even with child seats, the car is still quite spacious. Two rows of seats can be removed and thereby increase the volume of the trunk.
If suddenly the passenger’s phone or other device runs out of charge, a sufficient number of USB ports are installed next to the seats. The driver will need such functions as: control of near and far lighting, assistance with the transition to the left lane, assistance with parking.