e-Golf Owner's Manuals

This model is a representative of electric cars from the German manufacturer Volkswagen. An important factor is that all the innovations of the regular Golf are implemented. But also the model in the latest generations shows specific improvements, specifically for the e-Golf line. First of all, the power reserve has been increased in the new models. Dynamic indicators also increased, the generated power became more.
Due to the fact that the battery now has a capacity of 35.8 kilowatts, compared with the previous 24.2, the range is increased by as much as 50%. Now the capacity is enough to cover a distance of 200 kilometers in a combined cycle, for American roads. A more gentle European cycle allows you to drive up to 300 km. on one charge. Such parameters are a serious competitor to the Nissan LEAF, whose parameters are 172/250 kilometers (respectively for American and European roads). But still, the e-Golf still lags behind rivals such as the Renault Zoe and Chevrolet Volt. The generated power of the electric motor has also been increased and now stands at 135 horsepower, in earlier models this figure was 115 hp. With. Accordingly, the dynamic performance of the car has increased, acceleration to 100 km / h is now in 9.6 seconds. And the maximum speed that the new e-Golf develops is 150 km. These are relatively small numbers, but the machine is focused on saving energy. Already in the basic configuration, an on-board charger is offered, the power of which is 7.2 kilowatts. This allows you to fully charge the car in 6 hours. In more expensive trim levels, there is the possibility of high-speed charging (using direct current). This allows you to charge the battery up to 80% in a short period of time – 1 hour. In the exterior, the changes affected the front part – the bumper was slightly corrected. The interior of the cabin has also been slightly changed – this has affected the decor elements. Its price will start from 35.9 thousand dollars.
In conclusion, we can say that the new Volkswagen e-Golf are distinguished by excellent build quality, a roomy interior in which road users will feel comfortable. The level of equipment here is also high-class. Handling is one of the best for this class of car (one might say – reference). The disadvantages of the car are the high cost, compared with classmates and competitors, as well as a small low power reserve.