Eos Owner's Manuals

Although the Eos is not a very popular model on the market, it is one of the few hardtop convertibles and the only four-seat car. In addition, its inviting and sophisticated upholstered interior provides an ambiance of luxury without the sky-high prices. Convertible “offers” a great set of useful features for its future owner. Its (car’s) retractable hardtop insulates and protects the cabin more than a conventional softtop. What’s more, the Eos canopy is equipped with a sunroof, so that passengers can enjoy fresh air at any time during a long journey. Still, the drivetrain remains enjoyable, thanks in part to a quick-acting automated manual transmission.
In the crash tests of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Volkswagen Eos received high marks, as well as in crash tests with a side impact. It also received a “Good” rating for seat and headrest design in the Institute’s rear impact testing. Therefore, safety is clearly not something that the driver and his passengers should worry about during the trip.
With the windows up, there is virtually no wind in the Eos cabin, even at high speeds, making it easy to listen to the sound system or have a quiet conversation without shouting over the interlocutor.