Golf Plus Owner's Manuals

The Volkswagen Golf plus is a combination of the Touran, which is the ideal family vehicle, and the standard Golf. The fact that the car is closely related to its predecessor is indicated not only by its name, but also by its basis. But the size and exterior design of the Golf plus has undergone changes. Firstly, the compact van has become larger and ten centimeters higher than the regular Golf. Secondly, the developers have changed the appearance of the body, improved the interior and changed the chassis settings. As a result, Volkswagen managed to create a roomy for transporting goods, comfortable for passengers and bright Golf Plus. Over time, the model acquired alloy wheels, upgraded headlights of a different shape, as well as white backlighting.
One of the areas in which the car occupies the highest position is safety. In all crash tests and inspections, the car received 5 stars. It is also pleasantly surprising that in addition to the safety of the driver and passengers of the vehicle, the creators of this model also took care of pedestrians and received 3 crash test stars for their efforts.
Future owners also have access to a Golf Cross version with increased ground clearance, aluminum protection in the center of the rear and front bumpers and a body frame made of plastic. The Golf Cross is front-wheel drive as standard.