ID.2 Owner's Manuals

The German concern announced a new product in the line of electric cars. It is planned to release ID.2 – an electric cross hatchback. The budget of such a model should initially be no more than 21 thousand dollars. The premiere of the serial model is scheduled for 2025, which will be the year of new products from Volkswagen.

ID.2 will not be just a reduced version of its predecessors, but will have individual characteristics and an original design.

Volkswagen is betting on lower prices for batteries in the future and a corresponding increase in the price of cars with internal combustion engines due to harmful emissions during operation.

The price of 20 thousand dollars will make the crossover the main competitor of the well-known Opel Corsa-e, MINI Cooper SE or Peugeot e-208.

It is assumed that the car will not copy the predecessor ID.3. the user will receive an improved city SUV. It can be concluded that the car will not have a removable roof, and will also be equipped with ordinary door handles and mirrors.

The concept makes it possible to predict car parameters. The wheelbase will be 2.65 m in length.


The car will have smooth body lines, a slightly shortened front end. This appearance does not deprive the SUV of muscularity and strength. Front lights are connected by a continuous line of light.

Such a feature adds futuristic and modernity to the overall design.
It will be possible to reduce the cost of the new model with several variants of the electric battery. The used MEB Entry platform allows you to compose a model with several battery options. Such a basis involves the use of smaller batteries, a shorter wheelbase and other technologies. Preliminary data indicates that it will be a battery with a capacity of 30 kWh, which is designed for a range of 200 km. To get a budget SUV, the manufacturer abandoned the premium characteristics of the MEB platform.

It will be possible to reduce the cost by abandoning the large screen that is projected onto the windshield. Most likely, the manufacturer can present the driver’s smartphone as a multimedia touchscreen for the basic configuration. From the presented teaser, we can conclude that the car will have a regular steering wheel with buttons. The flat floor, due to the absence of an internal combustion engine, adds more space to the interior of the car.

It is described as a fun and easy-to-use, urban cross-trainer that will appeal to a younger audience. The car will gain popularity among competitors due to budget, reliability and modern design.