ID.3 Owner's Manuals

Volkswagen ID.3 – a model that belongs to the class of electric vehicles, is the first mass-produced electric car from the German manufacturer Volkswagen. Available with a five-door hatchback body type, designed for landing five passengers. The developers had a goal to achieve successful results in this class of cars, such as the Volkswagen Golf. This was achieved by installing two quite powerful electric motors, which are installed on the rear axle.
New ID.3 models stand out, first of all, from other cars, by the most optimal body configuration. An indicator of aerodynamic drag is elusive for many sports cars. The basic version involves an engine with a power of 150 horsepower. The battery capacity can be 44 and 58 kWh. The power reserve of such a motor can be from 250 to 426 kilometers. It depends on how the car will be driven and operating conditions. More expensive versions are equipped with an engine with a capacity of 204 horsepower. It is paired with a 77 kilowatt battery. All this provides the car with a range of 526 km. At home, such an installation can be charged in 7.5 hours. It is mounted on the rear axle. The distinguishing features of the ID.3 are the excellent maneuverability and control inherent in compact electric vehicles. The small size allows you to behave well when cornering. The only caveat is that the car is intended only for city driving, it is absolutely impossible to use it off-road. Dynamic performance for an electric car is pretty good, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 9.6 seconds. Top versions take acceleration in 7.3 seconds. The exterior is distinguished by smooth forms. It also minimizes aerodynamic drag. Head optics LED, made in the shape of a trapezoid. The car in the new version lost the grille. Trunk volume is average – 385 liters. In the cabin, everything is done in the spirit of minimalism. The controls are on the steering wheel. As well as the overall touch screen of the multimedia system, with a minimum number of physical keys. The choice of the buyer is provided with eight different configurations. Depending on this, the price starts to vary from 41,230 to 60,911 thousand dollars. The main competitors and similar models from other manufacturers are: Hyundai Kona Elektro, Nissan Leaf, Polestar 2.