ID.5 Owner's Manuals

Volkswagen ID.5 is a car that belongs to the class of electric SUVs. It is built on the basis of ID.4 and is almost identical to it, with the exception of some details. However, redesigned body design elements may result in a different behavior on the road than the prototype. It is built on a platform identical to the Audi Q4 e-tron.
From the ID.4, the new ID.5 car differs almost only in the shape of the roof. It also increased in length by 3 cm, but became lower. It has also become more streamlined. It also reduces aerodynamic drag. The coefficient, which is now equal to 0.26. But the ergonomics have become a little worse, now the rear passengers do not feel so comfortable (only people with a height of up to 1.8 meters). But now there is already a basic battery of 77 kWh. And now the power reserve in almost all modifications is 520 kilometers. The buyer can choose from a range of electric motors. And depending on this, the generated power will vary from the initial 174 horsepower, and up to 204 hp. With. As for the maximum, here it is limited to 160 km. /hour. There is also an all-wheel drive top version of the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX. It has two electric motors. Their total generated power is 299 horsepower. Acceleration up to 100 km/hour is carried out, in a fairly short 6.3 seconds. The GTX version can reach a maximum speed of up to 180 km. /hour. True, the power reserve turned out to be slightly lower than that of the modifications that are lower in the hierarchy, and is equal to 480 kilometers on a single charge. Interestingly, the bumper on the GTX is the same as on the similar ID.4. While modifications with rear-wheel drive received the original front bumper, as if with “fangs”. The ID.5 will start at $47,400. This is 2,500 thousand more expensive than the “full-length” relatives.