ID.7 Owner's Manuals

VW ID.7 – a modern 5-seater sedan in the ID line received a stylish design and an updated infotainment system that was not seen before. The car should be the successor of the VW Passat
Ribbed lines of the bumper emphasize muscularity. Narrowed headlights add a sporty character to the car. The rounded segments of the closed radiator grille will add attractiveness. Side lighting emphasizes the futuristic nature of the car. Another addition to the style will be the absence of traditional door handles. It is enough to touch the illuminated elements to enter the cabin.
The car is distinguished by rather large wheels and compact racks.
The central element of the interior is the infotainment panel, which is complemented by a compact and discreet instrument display. The multifunction steering wheel has a convenient beveled bottom configuration. The interior of the car is quite open, which is a characteristic feature of other models of the manufacturer.
The battery capacity is 84 kWh. The range declared by the manufacturer reaches 700 km without additional recharging.