ID.Buzz Owner's Manuals

The modern Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric minivan is, in its way, a unique car in the world. Outwardly, it resembles the legendary VW T1, which has received increased attention for decades.

ID.Buzz features

Among the main features of this minivan is the absence of any buttons in the cabin. Controlled exclusively by touch panels and displays. At the same time, all areas of the cabin are illuminated with LEDs of different shades, which also pleases modern fans of cars of this kind. Inside the car is a real constructor – you can install and remove additional seats, increase the cargo compartment. In a word, you have a huge number of options for the external arrangement of the cabin.
Externally, ID.Buzz looks very futuristic, like from the cover of a magazine about cars of the future. Modern adaptive optics pleases not only owners, but also other road users. Volkswagen ID.Buzz is a great option for a family car and long journeys. You can load a lot of things into the cabin, and a powerful battery will allow you to travel long distances without recharging.


This vehicle has two electric motors located on both axles. Their total power is 369 horsepower, which is quite a lot for a car of this class. The power unit allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 6 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 160 km / h.
The battery has a capacity of 111 kW, which makes it possible to cover 600 km without recharging – about as much as the average person travels without a long rest. Thus, Volkswagen ID.Buzz is the best option for many types of drivers, especially for those who like long trips or have to be on them for work and business.
The dimensions of the minivan are compact enough for a comfortable ride in city mode, but also large enough for a comfortable location for the driver and passengers:
• Length = 4943 mm;
• Width = 1976 mm;
• Height = 1963 mm.

The closest competitors of this car are: Citroen SpaceTourer, Opel Zafira Life, Nissan NV200.