Taigo Owner's Manuals

Bright and stylish Volkswagen Taigo will impress any car enthusiast. We can say that it is a combination of the T-Roc and T-Cross models. Taigo won the proud title of the first crossover with a body equipped with a front-wheel drive platform. Among the positive features of the vehicle, it is worth noting the multimedia complex MIB33.
The exterior of the Taigo draws the eye with its headlights, which resemble a sly squint and add sharpness and audacity to the car. And the large radiator grill sparkles mesmerizingly with its stylish LED optics. The highlight of the vehicle is undoubtedly a massive spoiler over the trunk, and for an additional fee, the future owner will be able to enjoy seventeen-inch alloy wheels. In standard trim levels, sixteen-inch wheels await him. Fascinated by fashion trends and modernization of Taigo, the developers decided to leave it without a characteristic fin antenna.
The interior of the vehicle is full of useful features, such as a touch control panel, a multifunction steering wheel, an air conditioning system, front seats with AirBag airbags, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and others. In the cabin of the Taigo car, passengers will enjoy a comfortable and safe ride, whether it is rough terrain or off-road. The main competitors for the Volkswagen Taigo model are VW Tiguan X Coupe, Geely Tugella and Renault Arkana.