Touran Owner's Manuals

Volkswagen Touran is a car that belongs to the class of compact vans. This model is designed for either 5 or 7 seats. It is produced by the German automobile company Volkswagen. The new generation of this model looks very modern and solid. They tried to make it look like a status Passat. Although previous models were more like a budget Golf.
The engine range of the new Touran is made up of 6 six engines. 3 of which are petrol and 3 diesel. The volume of gasoline engines varies from 1.2 liters to 1.8 liters. The generated power is from 110 to 180 horsepower, respectively. The diesel part is formed from engines with a volume of 1.6 to 2.0 liters (with one two-liter comes with twin turbocharging). The generated power in this case varies from 110 horsepower to 150 and 190 hp. With. respectively. They can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission. Either with an automatic with 6 or 7 steps. The drive is only front. All engines are quite economical. For example, gasoline consume from 5.5 to 6.5 liters. Diesel engines consume even less fuel – 4.4-4.8 liters per 100 kilometers, in mixed mode. The interior is quite rich – the interior is trimmed with genuine leather, high-quality plastic inserts. It is possible to perform the interior in a range of two colors. The practicality of the Touran has always been a priority, which is why the cabin is more versatile and spacious in the new models of the latest generation. In the version for 5 seats, the car has a fairly large and roomy trunk that can hold up to 1040 liters of cargo luggage. The exterior, especially in the front, strongly resembles the eighth Passat. The radiator grille is made with chrome inserts. Head optics with LED sections (as an option, it can be fully diode). The price for this car in the basic configuration starts at 23,925 thousand dollars for the European market. And the main competitors and similar models from other manufacturers include the BMW 2 Gran Tourer, Lifan Lotto, Chevrolet Orlando, Dacia Lodgy.
In conclusion, we can say that the new Touran models occupy a competitive position in this vehicle segment. There is a very rich list of equipment (often optional). For example, an adaptive cruise control system that can alert you to the threat of a frontal collision, blind spot monitoring, climate control (three-zone) and many other useful features.