Transporter Owner's Manuals

You can easily recognize the Volkswagen Transporter from other vehicles by its distinctive slightly angular headlights and daytime running lights. In the center of the radiator grille, the logo of the German automobile company is boldly located. The lattice itself is a combination of horizontal and vertical volumetric black lines. Under it, an impressive-sized air intake “hidden”, and next to it are fog lights. The vehicle has good ground clearance, due to which it can carry large loads and overcome pits on not the best roads, while maintaining a smooth ride.
The salon of this model can accommodate up to five people, but for an additional fee, four more seats will be available to the owner. The rear door can be presented as a lifting cover or have opening doors.
The car is equipped with as many as five engines, the most powerful of which can easily squeeze 180 “horses” out of itself. Both full and front-wheel drive are available to choose from. Standard power units accelerate to hundreds of kilometers in 13 seconds, while others – in 10.8.
Given all of the above, we can conclude that despite its branded, recognizable appearance, the Volkswagen Transporter keeps up with modern trends in the automotive market. Salon captivates with practicality, comfort and quality of finishing materials.