Up! Owner's Manuals

With all its bold, bright and stylish appearance, the Volkswagen Up hatchback seems to scream that it was created for big cities. Despite its small size, not a single passenger in the cabin will feel uncomfortable, and there is enough space for everyone. Like all models, the car is equipped with various trim levels for every taste and preference of a future client. The most common are move up and take up, they differ from the standard Up in small changes in the design of the exterior and interior of the vehicle.
Two gasoline engines with a volume of one liter and outputting power of 75 and 60 “horses” are responsible for the technical component here. A five-speed manual gearbox helps them with their work. In the event of an unforeseen situation with pedestrians on the road, Up will begin to slow down until it stops completely, which saves the driver from worries and worries. Over time, the developers introduced the e-load up package to motorists, notable for its electric motor. The noise from it does not bother the driver and his “guests”, and the maximum power is 55 horsepower.
The main competitors in the automotive market for the Volkswagen Up model are Chevrolet Spark and Opel Adam.