The new 2024 Volkswagen Golf was shown before the premiere

The Volkswagen Golf 8 will undergo its last update before the generation change. The next generation of the model will be fully electric.

The new 2024 VW Golf was photographed in Germany. The updated hatchback is being tested and will be presented by the end of this year. This is reported by the website Motor1.

The test prototypes of the Volkswagen Golf 2024 are practically not covered with camouflage, which allows us to consider their design. The hatchback has thinner matrix headlights, an enlarged front air intake and replaced headlights.

In the Volkswagen Golf 8 cabin, the huge touchscreen of the multimedia system attracts attention. In addition, the touch-sensitive climate buttons have been replaced with conventional ones – they were previously criticized by Volkswagen customers.

The charging hatch in the front fender indicates that we are looking at a Volkswagen Golf 8 hybrid that is being charged. It is expected to retain the 1.4-liter turbo-four engine and electric motor. The lineup will also include 1.5 and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engines and 2.0-liter turbodiesel engines.

The new Volkswagen Golf 2024 will be the latest version of the model with internal combustion engines. The ninth generation of the hatchback will be electric.

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