The new modern design of the Volkswagen ID.3 2023

Volkswagen has published the first images of the electric hatchback ID.3 2023 model year. As indicated on the manufacturer’s website, the presentation of the updated version of the electric car is scheduled for early 2023. The model’s price starts at 43,995 euros.

The new Volkswagen ID.3 differs from the current version with a more aggressive front bumper and redesigned taillights. But all the main changes will take place in the cabin. In particular, the hatchback will receive a new front fascia, a more modern virtual dashboard, increased to 12-inch multimedia display and sensor unit climate control.

At the same time the steering wheel has no sensor keys. It was made according to the customers’ requests. An improved projection screen is also promised. A wider use of recycled materials is announced in the trim. A semi-autonomous driving system and improved parking autopilot are added to the list of options.

Technically, the 2023 Volkswagen ID.3 is no different from its predecessor. The hatchback will be available in 150- and 204-horsepower versions with 55, 62 and 77 kWh batteries. According to the manufacturer, the range will increase by about 2 percent due to improved aerodynamics. Also in the lineup of Volkswagen ID.3 will be a sporty version with GTX prefix. This hatchback will be equipped with all-wheel drive and a twin-engine power plant with 299 hp.

Owner’s Manuals in PDF

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