The new Volkswagen ID.Buzz has been turned into a cozy home on wheels

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric car has become a motorhome for two. A double bed, wardrobes for luggage and a pull-out kitchen appeared inside.

The new Volkswagen ID.Buzz Accessories was presented in California. The electric minivan was converted into an original mobile home. This is reported by Carscoops website.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz Accessories car park is designed for two. In his salon, a folding module appeared, including a double bed, wardrobes and a retractable kitchenette. A gas stove, a sink with a water tank and a refrigerator are installed.

A trunk and a folding canopy appeared on the roof, which allows you to arrange a kind of porch. The Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric car also comes complete with a set of picnic furniture and a gas burner.

It is based on the new Volkswagen ID.Buzz in an elongated seven-seater version, because only this version of the model will be sold in the USA. We will remind that the 4.9-meter Volkswagen minivan is offered in rear-wheel drive 286-horsepower and all-wheel drive 330-horsepower versions, and its range exceeds 400 km.

Formally, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz Accessories electric car is a concept car, but minivan owners will be able to recreate such a house on wheels on their own. The fact is that all the accessories installed on the car will be available for free sale.

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