Volkswagen cars are among the most problematic in the US

Volkswagen cars are among the most problematic in the US

At the beginning of the year, the reputable JDPower agency published another study of vehicle reliability (VDS or Vehicle Dependability Study 2023).

The cars were evaluated according to the traditional scheme for American analysts – the number of technical problems per 100 cars (Problems Per 100 Vehicles – PP100). The higher the PP100, the lower the reliability of a particular brand of car.

At that time, the world media circulated a list of mass-market brands that produced the most problem-free cars. They included:

  • Lexus (133)
  • Kia (144)
  • Chevrolet (162)
  • Mitsubishi (167)
  • Toyota, Mini and Nissan with the same PP100 score of 170 points.

However, almost no one has written about who is at the bottom of this rating (excluding luxury brands). And the products of these brands are very popular not only on the global market but also in Ukraine.
The following companies unexpectedly entered the anti-rating by the number of malfunctions:

  • Ford (PP100 in its case was 249 points), which makes it the worst car brand in terms of reliability in the mass segment.
  • Volkswagen is on the second line according to this indicator (216 – PP100).
  • Subaru rounds out the top three (214 – PP100).

Interestingly, even Honda, whose cars have traditionally been considered the standard of reliability, managed to get into this anti-TOP (analysts counted the average number of problems with cars of this brand at 205 malfunctions per 100 cars).

Earlier, experts named the most reliable car brands in the world Their results are slightly different from the JDPower verdict.

HotCars, a leading automotive publication, recently released a list of the ten most reliable car brands for 2023. A team of experts analyzed several research reports from various sources and consolidated the data to create this list.