Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric: retro design and 330 hp

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric car was extended to almost 4.9 m. This made it possible to install a third row of seats and significantly increase the trunk.

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz line was supplemented by an extended top version. The electric car was presented in California, and its sales will start in 2024. Details of the model were revealed on the official Volkswagen website.

The USA was chosen for the presentation because it is the American market that will be the main one for the minivan (although the extended version will also be presented in Europe). In addition, the model is positioned as the successor to the famous Volkswagen T1 of the 60s, which became iconic among American hippies.

The new Volkswagen ID.Buzz has been extended by 175 mm (up to 4,887 mm), and its wheelbase has increased to 3,239 mm — it is the brand’s largest electric car. Visually, the minivan does not differ from the standard version and retains a retro style in the spirit of the Volkswagen T1.

The increased dimensions of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz made it possible to add a third row of seats – available versions for 6 and 7 seats. The seats of the second row are equipped with horizontal adjustment with a range of 200 mm. The volume of the trunk is from 306 to 2469 liters.

Eco-leather is used in interior decoration. The basic equipment of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz 2024 includes electric drives for the seats and tailgate, as well as heating of the steering wheel and seats. A huge panoramic roof with variable tinting is offered for an additional fee.

The extended Volkswagen ID.Buzz electric car is also more powerful than the standard version — they will offer rear-wheel drive 286-horsepower and all-wheel drive 330-horsepower versions. The maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h.

In addition, the battery capacity has been increased to 91 kWh. The range has not yet been disclosed, but it is known that it will exceed 400 km.

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