VW Transporter T6 Owner's Manual

VW Transporter T6 Owner's Manual
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Transporter T6 is a representative of the commercial segment of cars produced by Volkswagen. This category includes minibusses and vans, as well as models that the buyer can assemble independently.

The VW Transporter T6 is an 8-seater minivan or van that is an updated version of the previous 5th-generation model. It is not surprising that the car of the 6th generation inherited characteristic external features and technical characteristics. Cars are assembled at a factory in the German city of Hanover. The updated model of the new generation was presented in 2015.

Among the updates, attention is drawn to the car’s exterior and new engines. Transporter T6 received two variants of the wheelbase, as well as front-wheel drive in the basic configuration. Optionally, you can choose a four-wheel drive model.

The front module is represented by a McPherson suspension, the rear is an independent suspension.

Engines are represented by diesel or gasoline 2-liter engine with a capacity of 84 to 204 horsepower. Motors are equipped with 5- or 6-speed manual transmissions or 7-speed robotic boxes.

VW Transporter T6 design

The model underwent a fairly deep restyling, so visually the model has changed dramatically. Not only the headlights but also the bumpers were updated. Style, perseverance and reliability can be traced in appearance. The updated radiator grille emphasizes muscularity. In the updated VW Transporter T6, the interior has become more spacious and comfortable, focused on practicality for use and management.

Features of the interior

In the interior of the car, comfort is provided by electric seat adjustment systems. A cooling system is provided in the glove box. The minivan is equipped with a multi-zone climate control system. In addition, an infotainment system is provided, which is represented by a 9-inch touchscreen. A characteristic of all Transporter T6 models is the convenient and clear location of switches.

Safety is guaranteed by a full set of all necessary options: airbags, ABS, EDS, adaptive cruise control, driver fatigue control and other functions.

In 2019, manufacturer users had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with T6.1. The updated version received power steering, and minor changes in the design of the radiator grille. Special attention was drawn to the improved infotainment system and digital instrument panel.

The VW Transporter T6, often referred to as the Volkswagen Transporter, is a versatile and widely-used commercial van known for its practicality and reliability. Here are some key details about the VW Transporter T6:


– Engine: Available with a variety of engine options, including diesel and petrol, with varying power outputs.
– Seating: Depending on the configuration, it can accommodate up to 9 passengers.


– Spacious and functional interior with a range of seating and cargo configurations.
– Modern infotainment systems with touchscreen displays.
– Driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and parking aids.


– Length: Approximately 4.90 meters to 5.29 meters (depending on the wheelbase and configuration).
– Width: Approximately 1.90 meters.
– Height: Approximately 1.97 meters (standard roof) to 2.47 meters (high roof).

Cargo Capacity:

– The VW Transporter T6 offers substantial cargo space, with various load compartment options available.

Fuel Economy:

– Fuel efficiency varies depending on the engine choice and configuration.

Common Maintenance:

– Routine maintenance, including oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacements, is necessary to ensure the vehicle’s longevity. The frequency of these tasks depends on usage and driving conditions.

Common Issues:

– Common issues may include electrical problems, transmission-related concerns, and general wear and tear. Specific problems can vary based on the vehicle’s age and usage.